Way of the Future

by Guillen

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2nd release, an EP album of different sounds all in one. Enjoy, spread the word.


released August 8, 2015

All Instruments/Programming/Vocals by Adam Guillen
Recorded at GGGStudios in South Texas.
Many thanks to all who support, friends, family and everyone else.
Thanks to the known and unknown of our realm as well.
P.S. Go Seahawks!



all rights reserved


Guillen Donna, Texas

Adam Guillen of Texas.I write and record my music as it enters the headspace. Music is life.
Enjoy and spread the word!


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Track Name: Universal Sway
Got a rolling feeling in my head
Never sleeps, Never Falters
Question all that is and ever was
Til I find the final answer
Seeking out release
Push and pull and scream

Vision of the path that I gotta go
Nothing here could ever stop me
All in my way I shall bid farewell
Moving like a thousand winds I go
Tearing down the walls, Tear this place apart

From sealed fate to Vicinity of Infinite possibility
Monumental escape, no longer bound by the ways i'm one with universal sway

Running back and forth between the lines
Now I see there is no boundaries
Rushing through my body through my brain
All I know now driving me insane
Crawling through my skin, Changing what has been
Track Name: Under the Sun
You could feel the end draw near as the days are getting hotter
Burning out the time in line will lead us all to slaughter
World is still just black and white, grey is all should be
Ready now just let yourself be free

Everything's one, Under the sun
We've got to change the chemistry, do it here, do it now
Set it off today

Can you see the stars align as the Winds of Change are blowing
Time will take you by surprise without you even knowing
One chance is all we get so let's do it right you see
Come together here with me

Breaking down the walls that hold us, aint no mystery
Here today gone tomorrow, as it all should be
Track Name: Blackest of Lakes
Lying staring at the ceiling I'm hardly awake
Try to clear my mind but night brings those things I can't shake
Crystal like waters swirl round in the blackest of lakes
Peering deep into what is inevitable fate

Sight is now blinded by darkness and it feels serene
Into a greater reality much to be seen
Some think these visions to be nothing more than a dream
Take a step into my world to see just what I mean
Track Name: Grande Illusion
Welcome to the grandest illusion of sense of purpose
To destroy in the name of all greater creation
This existence is narrowing its own extinction
Advancement of knowing yet now it is shown that we've learned nothing

We'll die in Wars, We'll sell our souls
Fire in the air
To set the mark If I were God, I'd flood the land

Watch the empires crumble as the waves crash against the remnants left
of the towers built spiraling to the sky now exactly where all shall remain

Slaves to the grind trying hard to define this life by means of material greed
When the reaper comes forth we're all merely feed for the cycle and nothing more

Now watch as the Empires crumble into nothing
Waves crash against the slain
The towers now torn apart
World gone, now known
From which we came we shall remain
Track Name: Restless in this Night
Restless in this Night, as I lay you down
Here beneath the stars, No one else around

You my only, my one desire forever more shall I give myself to thee
Oh my precious one, set you free

Cities buried deep, sun fades to final sleep
Let us burn once more before we slip into the sea

Let our ashes drift together
Sign of love's true being
In the darkest depths of the ocean
Lies a place for you and me
Forever more, we are free