by Guillen

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First album from Guillen, it brings forth a mix of metal and much other influences. An album to be listened from beginning to end, sit back and enjoy, lose yourself, then find yourself in the end.


released June 26, 2012

Composer/Musician/Programmer - Adam Guillen
Co-Producer - Esai Uresti
Recorded at SugarPocket Studios



all rights reserved


Guillen Donna, Texas

Adam Guillen of Texas.I write and record my music as it enters the headspace. Music is life.
Enjoy and spread the word!

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Track Name: Paranoia
Distant voices they call to me, thousands of screams
They always follow, Tapping...Ticking...I'm constantly questioning
Insanity, eating away, this Paranoia that suffocates through the days
Feeding on my mind.

I can feel the shadows lurking.
They seek to suck the life within.
Hallowed be the empty eye.
Glued to my every move, eating away, this Paranoia that penetrates
through the days, feeding on my mind.

Each passing minute, fleeting hours, dreaded days,
Something is there, knocking on my window, paralyzed in fear.

Spiritual awakening I can't resist, as i feel complete submission to my doubts. Who is there? Are you real?
Track Name: Senses
Into the unknown corners of the mind, an array of light twists you round to see, release of euphoric dreams, running through the stream of here and in between.

Senses unreal, is this reality, that you see?
Furthering the fascination of what lies deep within, flow through the infinite doors to dwell in distant memories, begins to surround, suffocating on the haze, unfound sensations running down your spine, catch your breath, close your eyes.
Still are the sands of time. Stars and Sun align.

Perception gone, the visions swirling in the whirlpool, flashes of light, flashes of absolute darkness, contained to the state of being.

Be still and clear your head, is that what you see alive or dead...
Just try and run away, realize there is no escape....
Try to call out to your god, found the devil instead
Find a place to lay your head, sweet words he said....

Into the treaded corners of the mind, an array of light forces you to see
Release of decrepit things, drowning in the stream of here and in between.
Track Name: Mechanical Soul Conversion
Thoughts and memories of what was pain,
Only a thought I'll never feel again.
Tired of hate, greed, love and shame,
I'll become machine today

The process taking all the life from me, transformation to control again
Set free of their souls, changed into another being.

Scars and memories of what was pain,
I remember the days I was the same.
Now built of wires and chains,
Left still with this human brain.

I can feel my insides ripping at their ends, its tearing inside of me..

I find I miss all the insanity, and all the woes I left behind
Reminisce on the bitterness, now I know my choice is right.

To be devoid of emotion, free to exist without disdain
Stronger, Better, Faster than before
Seeing All Die I Will Remain.
Track Name: Revolution of Zombies
Screams fill the air as the sun rises for another day
Sense of fear enshrouding
Crowds of people running for their lives, no sense of where they came
Those who turn to see, create their very demise

Eye to eye, gaze into oblivion
The blood of another dripping from the zombies face
As it gnaws on the flesh, craves taste of blood

The walking dead proclaim the land as their own
Feasting away on the shredded remains
Insatiable hunger, animalistic rage
Turning humans into their, transformation beyond

Feel the sudden thirst for blood, a flow of anger controls
Mass Confusion infects the soul, Putrid plague takes its toll
The fall of man was swift indeed
The undead fulfill their need.
Track Name: Desolation
You Cried when you found out that your love had died, forever was just a day away...Tears rolled down the face where you once felt sweet caress, the warmth you'll never feel again...You no longer feel a part of this darkened world, wish it to be a dream instead.
All alone you will never love another.
Oh so cold, How'd you leave me here....